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Additional Services

Rebozos - $60*

We carry a variety of patterns and colours. Our rebozos come from Mexico, are about 6ft long, 2.5ft wide, and are machine woven. 

The rebozo has been traditionally used in Mexico for anything from baby weraing, to grocery carrying. It is also a time honoured peice for assisting women in childbirth. 

*Prenatal, placenta, doula clients get a $20 discount

*If you would like to purchase a rebozo and a 30 minute Rebozo for Birth session total price is $100

Obi TENS Machine Rental - $75*

The Obi TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation)  is a simple yet versatile TENS machine.It is compact and easy to operate. It has a unique boost feature to help provide better relief during contractions. Can be used for post labour pain such as shoulder, back, period pain and much more. 

  • This includes drop off and pick up 
  • Rental starts 3 weeks prior to due date until baby arrives and must be returned within 1 week of baby arrival
  • Also includes $20 off encapsulation services
*Discount available for local pick up/drop off
* Birth doula clients rental $20 


We are pleased to offer a service registry for all clients! When you book services, ask us about this option! You can have your doula, placenta, or prenatal sessions paid for by friends, family, co workers, etc.

Gift Certificates

We are able to provide an email gift certificate in any dollar amount for any service. 
Gift Card Exchange Program
Sometimes you get a gift card, and it just isn't what you are looking for. We take most retail gift cards as payment towards service! 

Please feel to contact us for any of these payment options!