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Quotes I'm feeling great! I will definitely be calling you again for the next one! Thanks so much! Quotes

Quotes I am so glad I took them. With my first son I didn't produce enough milk early on and ended up quitting breast feeding way earlier than I would have liked. Then to top it all off, post partum depression kicked in. This time around, zero issues breastfeeding, only one day of the baby blues, (first day home) and lots more energy! Quotes
Miranda M.

Quotes Yesterday I blessed someone that did something special for me almost 2 years ago! I called Natasha to thank her for encapsulating my placenta! To hear her gentle voice on the phone was a blessing and I agree with the other ladies that wrote, Natasha is very easy to talk with! God bless you Natasha and all the families you touch. While I was pregnant I found out about this procedure and decided that without having family around I would benefit having my placenta made into capsules. On December 30, 2010, my blessing (baby girl) came into this world by an emergency c-section after a failed induction. The capsules were one of the best things I had after having my girl. With recovering from surgery and all the changes of having a first child these "happy pills" helped so much! Some days I wouldn't take it in the morning and by evening I was blue, then I remembered about my "happy pills" and popped 1 or 2 in and my hormones smile and my husband did too! I would recommend this to everyone! Quotes
Pamela F.

Quotes Your work was done well and with superb customer service. I would recommend that all new mother's have their placenta encapsulated by you. Quotes
Rachel J

Quotes So, so happy i got my placenta encapsulated. Natasha was so easy to talk to and was so easy going. she answered all of my questions, and made me feel very comfortable. i also got some prints done and they were absolutely beautiful. i will definitely be contacting her with my next pregnancy. Quotes

Quotes "Natasha was so easy to talk to, very informative, and readily avaliable whenever I had questions. She was very prompt & professional when it came time to have my placenta encapsulated. I have been having the best best postpartum so far, and I am so glad she was there for the info! I will for sure have her do my placenta next time around!" - S.S. first time mom from Edmonton Quotes
Satisfied Client