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Prenatal Education

Pregnancy and birth can be an unnerving time for those expecting. Prenatal education is a great way to ease the mind. Going into the late stages of pregnancy and birth with the information you need and want will empower you to have the confidence needed for an amazing and positive birth. We will go through everything you need to know to ensure you're prepared for your best possible experience. 

Your sessions will be customized to you, to ensure your questions and concerns are fully addressed. 

A: 3 Hour Condensed/Refresh Session - Investment  $160

Third trimester concerns

Stages of labour and delivery

Condensed comfort and body awareness for labor and birth

Basic postpartum expectations and baby care

B: 8-9 Hour/3 Session Series  - Investment $400

Includes Rebozo and $50 credit towards encapsulation services

Third trimester concerns, activities

Detailed rebozo, body awareness, comfort and connection techniques  (lots of practice)

In depth stages of labour and birth

Practice Labour

Postpartum plans, concerns, personal care

Baby expectations and care

Rocking Dads Online 

Brian Salmon is "The Birth Guy"! He is a birth doula, lactation counsellor, and peer mentor. 

Brian has created an exceptional prenatal education program, that is geared towards helping dads and partners navigate the birth journey. In short, to the point videos, Brian gets to the nitty gritty of what needs to be done for a beautiful birth and postpartum. This program is perfect for busy dads who want to take that extra step in supporting their partner.

I am so excited to be affiliated with the Rocking Dads course! It is the perfect compliment to your personalized prenatal classes.